OPTONIC is a dynamically developing company offering non-standard approaches, architectural solutions for equipping and supplying medical devices, products, developing social and medical projects.

Our company is a reliable partner and distributor for many leading European manufacturers in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Philips, Terumo BCT, ThermoFisher, etc.). The priority areas of our activities are:

- implementation of large-scale projects for equipping medical organizations with high-tech devices;

- developing the complex turnkey health projects;

- clinical consulting;

- alternative financial sales sources;

- supply, maintenance and support of laboratory equipment, consumables and reagents, including equipment for blood services;

- diagnostic devices and machines;

- infusion instruments and devices;

- X-ray machines;

- innovative medical technologies;

- ultrasound diagnostics;

- fetal monitoring;

- consumables for hospitals, clinics and laboratories;

- obstetrics and gynecology;

- laboratory medicine (test systems, laboratory equipment, laboratory diagnostics, laboratory furniture);

- medical examination equipment;

- incubators;

- microscope;

- centrifuge;

- reagents;

- materials and tools for bone grafting and maxillofacial surgery;

- modern X-ray equipment;

- devices and materials;

- microsurgery;

- defibrillator;

- transfusion medicine and therapeutic use of blood components, donation;

- traumatology equipment;

- orthopedic products and devices.